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Dillon Francis – Catchy Song Lyrics

Dillon Francis – Catchy Song (feat. T-Pain & That Girl Lay) Lyrics [Dillon Francis] This song’s gonna get stuck inside yo’ This song’s gonna get stuck inside yo’ This song’s […]

Martin Garrix – Dreamer Lyrics

Dreamer Lyrics by Martin Garrix Released : 2018 ‘m a dreamer Don’t tell me not to dream I got freedom And that’s everything to me It don’t matter What I’ve […]

Man Cub – Breathe Again Lyrics

Breathe Again Lyrics by Man Cub Released : 2018 Oooh oooh I can’t breathe like this no Oooh oooh  Suffocating me slow I’m sinking underneath your love  But I can’t […]

FTampa – Vibe Boa Lyrics

Vibe Boa by FTampa Feat. Tom Kray, Oriente Released : 2018 Aonde está você Aqui dentro de mim Por um instante eu sei Que posso te achar Além do horizonte […]

Bon Appetit Lyrics

Shaun Frank – Bon Appetit Lyrics

Bon Appetit by Shaun Frank Feat. ALLE Released : 2018 Bon appetit, bababababadada Bon appetit, bababababadada Cherry sundae Let me treat you You taste like summer Whipped cream and fruit […]

Evanescence – Never Go Back Lyrics

Never Go Back by Evanescence Released : 2017 Everything is so dark And I know there’s something wrong But I can’t turn the light on In that split second change […]