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The Brave - Burn Lyrics

The Brave – Burn Lyrics

Burn Lyrics by The Brave [The Brave] I will keep putting one foot down One foot after the other Just to prove to myself that my legs still work And […]

scarlxrd – NX PRESSURE Lyrics

Lyrics NX PRESSURE Yeah Let’s get this right, guys Old Scar No pressure No F**k this s**t man No Ayy, ayy Believe and achieve, it’s easy But a n***a can’t […]

scarlxrd – HEART ATTACK Lyrics

HEART ATTACK Lyrics By Scarlxrd [Julie, David & Scarlxrd] David, I love you. I f*****g love you. I f*****g love you, f**k Hey, woah, woah, woah. Don’t do this, don’t […]

Misery Index – The Choir Invisible Lyrics

The Choir Invisible Lyrics By Misery Index We are the ones you fear, breakers of your grand illusion Exiled, dispossessed, your sown-seeds reaped and left abandoned God-forsaken, left adrift, detritus […]

Kill City Kills – Wild Brigade Lyrics

Wild Brigade Lyrics by Kill City Kills [Kill City Kills] Out in the streets The anarchy The dying breed That denies salvation Breaking the chains Against the fate Born to […]

Whitechapel - Third Depth Lyrics

Whitechapel – Third Depth Lyrics

Third Depth Lyrics by Whitechapel [Whitechapel] A fantasy awakes A dark desire to watch you slip away into oblivion I can’t wait to see your flesh turn pale When I […]

QUEENSRYCHE - Dark Reverie Lyrics

QUEENSRYCHE – Dark Reverie Lyrics

Dark Reverie Lyrics [QUEENSRYCHE] If i leave Would you wait for me if i fall Would you pray for me and when I’m gone Will they remember me or fade […]

Within Temptation – In Vain Lyrics

Within Temptation – In Vain Lyrics

In Vain Lyrics [Within Temptation] Beautify all I know Keep on dancing Let it all turn to gold When the dream touches ground The demons walk in And I know […]

Kalyptra – Starlings Lyrics

Starlings Lyrics Swarm and behave In murmurations Separated It’s killing me The longer we go Being alone Breaking our wings It’s trying me Our attempts to stay together It’s harder […]

The Antarctica Project – Ominous Valley Lyrics

Ominous Valley Lyrics by The Antarctica Project Where anguish, darkness and uncertainty converge. All my attempts to unconsciously comprehend the fall. The power of human creation. This feeling is so […]

No Zodiac – Black Mass Lyrics

(Feat. Andrew Hileman Of I Am) The Black Mass Morbid faith inverted cross Hellfire burns those from above To be denied from the gates of heaven The black mass in […]

Louvre – Y Lyrics

There’s no time to waste, Because we won’t live in grace, Burn this place! No, we won’t follow your rules, So old fashioned and meaningless, We’re not your slaves! We’re […]

Callejon – Porn From Spain 3 Lyrics

Feat. Ice-T, K.I.Z. [Spanish Intro] Hey 2019 Porque ustedes pidieron esta madre Para todas las viejas, pendejos, cabrones E hijos de puta alla afuera Este es el pinche porno del […]

GROOVENOM – Unter deiner Haut Lyrics

Du legst die Karten Dein Blatt gewinnt Ein A*s im Ärmel Würfel gezinkt Ein Glücksspiel bei dem ich Zum Scheitern verewigt Du bluffst und erniedrigst Weil es dich befriedigt Fick […]

Within Temptation – Endless War Lyrics

Within Temptation – Endless War Lyrics

Endless War Lyrics Within Temptation You’re fighting an endless war Hunting a miracle And when you reach out for stars They just cut you down [Verse 1] Looking through the […]