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Tag: Mixtape: Now Or Never (2020)

Giggs - All Spinach Lyrics

Giggs – All Spinach Lyrics

All Spinach Lyrics – Giggs Two 16’s and it’s all finished Do this green and it’s all spinach Dudes get cream and it’s all killeys Abuse big queens and we’re […]

Giggs - Buff Baddies Lyrics

Giggs – Buff Baddies Lyrics

Buff Baddies Lyrics – Giggs Buff baddies, yeah, buff baddies up In the cut rallied And I’m Puff Daddy, love And I’m up Manny Yeah, big Hollowman made a flash […]

Giggs - Debonair Lyrics

Giggs – Debonair Lyrics

Debonair Lyrics – Giggs Yeah Wild bredda, hating on a Real nigga ’cause he sounds better Big jacket through the foul weather Yeah, Big Hollow and its now or never […]

Giggs - 100 Reps Lyrics

Giggs – 100 Reps (feat. KYZE) Lyrics

100 Reps Lyrics – Giggs 100 reps, that money flex Fill up my tank, my tummy’s next Run the cheque, you’re under threat Don’t waste my time, I’m kinda stretched […]

Giggs - Branch Out Lyrics

Giggs – Branch Out Lyrics

Branch Out Lyrics – Giggs Niggas got no heart so they gone in scared Talk the art of war, we’re the connoisseurs Told them level up so we gone upstairs […]