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Tag: Mixtape: Room For Improvement (2006)

Drake – Try Harder Lyrics

Try Harder Lyrics by Drake [Drake] Sometimes I feel like Lohan and Hilary Duff are the only ones with enough To feel what I’m about to say in this song […]

Drake – S.T.R.E.S.S. Lyrics

S.T.R.E.S.S. Lyrics by Drake [Drake] Yeah, Ren, M.O.F, Haha It’s Drake man, it’s Drake man.Yeah Ayo Ren this that gritty s--- here man I’ma have to tell them about I […]

Drake – A Scorpio’s Mind Lyrics

A Scorpio’s Mind Lyrics by Drake [Nickelus F] N----- in the city hating me man they tripping When I’m the only one that’s really spitting My n---- Lil Lee the […]

Drake – All This Love Lyrics

ll This Love Lyrics by Drake [Voyce] This another one from your boy V-O I’m gon tell the people, that we locking this down This another one from your boy […]

Drake – About The Game (Remix) Lyrics

About The Game (Remix) Lyrics by Drake [DRAKE:] It’s Southern Smoke Boy ! Ho, Yeah, Uh huh It’s Trey Songz and uh, D-R-A-K-K-E Ahahaha, the boy of summer are here […]

Drake – Extra Special Lyrics

Extra Special Lyrics by Drake [Drake] Yeah. Ho! It’s Drake. Uh Uh. Ho! Do that dance. Do that Dance [Drake] You special girl, don’t leave me baby To find another […]