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Tag: Myself – EP (2019)

Kiana Ledé – Bouncin Lyrics

Bouncin by Kiana Ledé Rrrr Somethin’, my body’s sayin’ somethin’ I’m underwater, drownin’ I know that I ain’t trippin’ Can’t leave without it Bounce, then, I’ll take you to my […]

Kiana Ledé – Shawty Lyrics

Shawty by Kiana Ledé I need to figure out what I want Need a chance to miss you when you ain’t around To give you something [?] This ain’t the […]

Kiana Ledé – Can I Lyrics

Can I Lyrics by Kiana Ledé Made a mistake I keep it straight with you I wasn’t capable of keeping away from you I can’t even flex ‘Cause not even […]

Kiana Ledé Lyrics

Kiana Ledé – Ex Lyrics

Ex by Kiana Ledé Hey… hm We went from 2 a.m. calls to zero communication, yeah We spent too long in heaven, yeah We felt the elevation Just ’cause it’s […]