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Tag: Q203 EP (2019)

NEFFEX – Primal Lyrics

Primal By NEFFEX Lyrics VERSE 1: I’m alright yea living in the shadows in the night yea always searching looking for the light yea anything to understand this life yea […]

NEFFEX - Without You Lyrics

NEFFEX – Without You Lyrics

Without You By NEFFEX Lyrics woah youre lips turn blue these lies hold truth and I’ll be fine without you x4 VERSE 1: tell me I’m right tell me I’m […]

NEFFEX – When I Was Young Lyrics

When I Was Young By NEFFEX Lyrics I’ve been looking all around try to figure out what the hell really counts when everything feels like it’s fillin up with doubt […]

NEFFEX – Sunday Lyrics

Sunday by NEFFEX VERSE 1: yea I’ve been livin my life on the west side ima ride till I die getting so high up in the sky blue eyes match […]