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Tag: R&B/Soul

Landon Cube – Orange EP Lyrics

Artist: Landon Cube Genre: R&B Release Date: June 28, 2019 Tracklist: 01. 20 02. Makeup 03. Nuisance 04. 17 05. Scarface 06. Can U Feel Your Face Read All Lyrics […]

Chris Brown – Indigo

Chris Brown – Indigo (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Chris Brown Album: Indigo Release date: June 28, 2019 Genre: R&B/Soul Label: RCA Records Tracklist: 01. Indigo 02. Back to Love 03. Come Together 04. Temporary Lover 05. Emerald […]

CIARA Shares “SET” Video

CIARA Shares “SET” : Video

CIARA has released music video for “SET” (ft. The Lab). Watch it below. “Set” Quotable Lyrics : Guess you could say that I’m the man, On that big boss level, […]

Zhavia Ward - 17 EP

Zhavia Ward – 17 EP Lyrics

Artist: Zhavia Ward EP: 17 Release Date: June 14, 2019 Genre: R&B/Soul Tracklist: 1. 17 2. Deep Down 3. Candlelight 4. All I Am 5. EZ 6. 100 Ways Read […]

Kiana Ledé – Myself – EP Lyrics

Artist: Kiana Ledé Release Date: June 7, 2019 Genre: R&B/Soul Tracklist: 01. Can I 02. Shawty 03. Bouncin 04. If You Hate Me 05. Heavy 06. EX Read All Lyrics […]

Joseph Allen – Ring by Spring Lyrics

Ring by Spring Lyrics by Joseph Allen Up late night Watch them turn into early morning That’s alright ‘Cause that smile is so reassuring Just you and me with sand […]

Wolftyla – I Care Lyrics

I Care by Wolftyla you wanna be a savage out here doing damage there you go reeking havoc if you make it a habit then i can be a savage […]

WIINSTON – vogue Lyrics

vogue Lyrics by WIINSTON Face expression on you when we f---, uh I got demons in me but you trust ’em All the ballerinas tryna pop one You be dancing […]