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Rhye – Awake Lyrics

Awake by Rhye [Rhye] I don’t wanna sleep alone I’m all alone, I’m on my way I don’t wanna sleep alone, endlessly It’s home alone, I’m on my way I’m […]

The Amazons – End Of Wonder Lyrics

End Of Wonder by The Amazons They’re gonna take you away I think it’s time for a change ‘Cause I can’t see you this way Not tonight, it’s not right […]

Des Rocs – SLO Lyrics

SLO Lyrics by Des Rocs Released: May 3, 2019 Genre: Rock [Des Rocs] Oh lord, your talk is cheap Oh lord, the sin is me Oh lord, your talk is […]

Dinosaur Pile-Up – Back Foot Lyrics

Back Foot Lyrics by Dinosaur Pile-Up Album: Celebrity Mansions Released: May 3, 2019 Genre: Rock Mama always told me, “Be a man” That I should get my s--- together for […]

Bleached – Hard to Kill Lyrics

Hard to Kill Lyrics Place a gun to my heart I don’t care cause friday I’m in love We had a plan Don’t make it weird What i like baby […]

Divino Niño – Maria Lyrics

Maria Lyrics by Divino Niño [Divino Niño] María, anoche me decías Que no me querías Comienza aquí mi herida ¿Por qué te quitas la camisa El overol y tan de […]

Giant Rooks – 100 mg Lyrics

100 mg Lyrics by Giant Rooks [Giant Rooks] Speak to me Unknown and open Maybe some day I’ll fade into the answers then [Giant Rooks] I’m gonna feel it in […]

X Ambassadors – HEY CHILD Lyrics

X Ambassadors Lyrics HEY CHILD [X Ambassadors] I heard you got arrested in the street last night You called me with a voice I didn’t recognize So you’re numbin’ the […]

Millencolin – Sour Days Lyrics

Sour Days Lyrics by Millencolin [Millencolin] We wake up lonely And feeling small We’re not the only To see the writing on the wall We have our coffees And dump […]

Drugdealer – Honey Lyrics

Honey Lyrics by Drugdealer feat. Weyes Blood When you’re not around, well people have their way with words, And you don’t have to hear the sound, To feel the burn […]

Crumb – Nina Lyrics

Nina Lyrics by Crumb [Crumb] Something’s up with Liz She’s lying through her teeth She hides it underneath Buying things that she don’t need [Crumb] She can play the game […]

Periphery – Blood Eagle Lyrics

Blood Eagle Lyrics by Periphery [Periphery] We come for war King of the north and Norse With drums beating, screams repeating and the hammer force of Thor Surrender not enough […]

Silvana Estrada – Carta Lyrics

Carta Lyrics by Silvana Estrada [Silvana Estrada] Yo sé que eres libre de irte Como también de quedarte Hasta que afinemos gestos Y olvidarnos del lenguaje Que baste con la […]

I Prevail – Hurricane Lyrics

Tell me I was never good enough Remind me of the demons that I’ve been running from Tell me who the hell you thought I was Or just blame it […]

Yoke Lore – Chin Up Lyrics

Your feelings they arrest you The tragic they will bless you You don’t respect the past And you think the world’s unsafe And you think that you gotta act Like […]

Dance Gavin Dance – Head Hunter Lyrics

Head Hunter Lyrics by Dance Gavin Dance [Jon Mess] B-L-E-S-S-T-H-I-S-M-E-S-S Will you bless this mess? B-L-E-S-S-T-H-I-S-M-E-S-S Will you bless this mess? [Tilian; Jon Mess] Simple angel, perfect devil Can I […]

I Prevail - Paranoid Lyrics

I Prevail – Paranoid Lyrics

Paranoid Lyrics By I Prevail Something isn’t right I feel it in my bones Every time I look around it follows me home I think I’m paranoid Something isn’t right […]