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Tag: S : komorebi – Album (2019)

slenderbodies – arrival Lyrics

arrival by slenderbodies: Bend around the road I give away my silhouette Nothing holds you like the sun I’m youthful in the morning light I speak highly of my own […]

slenderbodies – departure Lyrics

departure by slenderbodies: Heard you found the door You’ve been there before Now it’s time for you to go away from me Sentimental, sure Reaching eighty-four, I don’t want to […]

slenderbodies – tangled up Lyrics

tangled up by slenderbodies: Nuisance Blue eyed Hold it Another night It’s too late It’s too right All in Paradise Cupids Gone blind Watching Mesmerized I slow down You’re paralyzed […]

slenderbodies – moods Lyrics

moods by slenderbodies: My mood’s depending on you Our moods’ dependent on the sun Float, keep it Written on my sleeve I’m a lost boy Ready to overtake Your fate […]

slenderbodies – nothing Lyrics

nothing by slenderbodies: Something in the air tonight Boiling from the candlelight Scents among us all Clothes strewn on the floor As we wallow in nothing Potent from the time […]

slenderbodies – ruminate Lyrics

ruminate by slenderbodies: Warm form Don’t take that long Gone, gone, gone, gone Stone thrown Wont fake at all Wont wont wont If you heard what I said would you […]