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Tag: Singer/Songwriter

Aldous Harding – Fixture Picture Lyrics

Fixture Picture Lyrics by Aldous Harding [Aldous Harding] Honey, your face is folding up As the memory kisses you goodbye It’s better to live with melody and have an honest […]

Callum Beattie – Connection Lyrics

Connection Lyrics by Callum Beattie [Callum Beattie] Send me a signal Let’s make the connection Every breath that you take Gets my bones to vibrate Think you got my attention […]

Richard Walters – I Won’t Lyrics

I Won’t Lyrics by Richard Walters [Richard Walters] Slow down, try to breathe in deep Listen to the words I speak Does it feel like your whole world’s fading? Slow […]

Courtney Hartman – January First Lyrics

January First Lyrics by Courtney Hartman [Courtney Hartman] Making soft foot illusions at the end of December To walk a little slower then try to talk cleaner If I’m particularly […]

nilu – Hollow Hands Lyrics

Hollow Hands Lyrics by nilu Follow me into the golden wild Stay close with your wounded eyes Absent when I need you most In the end I danced with a […]

Jamie Lawson – Safe With You

Sometimes the days escape me Sometimes I lose control Too many contradictions Between my heart and soul Sometimes the devil scolds me Shoots me down in flames Through the dark, […]

Jamie Lawson – The Answer Lyrics

If I ask too many questions It’s cause I can’t quite comprehend How my soul’s in your possession How in the world it all makes sense Is there any explanation […]

James TW – Big Picture Lyrics

Woke up on a Sunday night Guess I ain’t been sleeping right And I’m up early in the morning And when I’m walking down the street Why does it always […]

Joel Adams – Coffee Lyrics

I drink the coldest coffee in the morning Wake up for a girl who never loved me Thinking that she’s feeling something but it’s hopeless Counting down the months before […]

Dean Lewis – Hold Of Me Lyrics

Walking slowly tryna find a place to go You begin to talk about your ex And the way that he would lose control And all your friends are trying to […]

Clara Mae – Lost Lyrics

Lost Lyrics By Clara Mae Your name on the screen, are you thinking of me? Or falling back into the same old habits? You’re back the place that you said […]

Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles Lyrics

Hypersonic Missiles Lyrics By Sam Fender [Sam Fender] Dutch kids huff balloons in the parking lot The golden arches illuminate the business park I eat myself to death, feed the […]

Amanda Palmer – Voicemail for Jill Lyrics

Voicemail for Jill Lyrics By Amanda Palmer [Amanda Palmer] Jill, it’s Amanda, just waving from London I know that you’re going tomorrow, the hardest decision And I’ve been on the […]

James TW – Suitcase Lyrics

Suitcase Lyrics by James TW [James TW] We don’t have to fall with it It doesn’t have to be this way You’re tryna talk me out of it Just to […]

Dean Lewis – 7 Minutes Lyrics

7 Minutes Lyrics by Dean Lewis [Dean Lewis] It’s been seven minutes now since I’ve lost my way It doesn’t seem that long but my whole world has changed It’s […]

SOAK - Knock Me Off My Feet Lyrics

SOAK – Knock Me Off My Feet Lyrics

Knock Me Off My Feet Lyrics [SOAK] I’ve always done the best I could To get out of my neighbourhood Growing up, I’ve spilt my blood But you’re still my […]