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Tag: Songland (Soundtrack)

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Madi - Darkest Days Lyrics

Madi – Darkest Days Lyrics

Darkest Days by Madi Been down this road too often Here I am once again Fighting demons in the dark You can’t believe in nothing Didn’t know I could see […]

Brigetta - Be Somebody Lyrics

Brigetta – Be Somebody Lyrics

Be Somebody by Brigetta Another day, another battle Trying to cope, but I’m in my head I found a note under the mattress Cursive letters, I can’t forget You said […]

OneRepublic – Somebody To Love Lyrics

OneRepublic – Somebody To Love Lyrics

Somebody To Love by OneRepublic Never could imagine where the story happened You were someone new Used to be in focus, now you don’t even notice When I leave the room You weren’t […]

Paris Alexa - Pity Party Lyrics

Paris Alexa – Pity Party Lyrics

Pity Party by Paris Alexa Baby, shame on you You thinking you could play me You thought I won’t find out But you must be crazy I know that you […]

Joel Adams – Hate Love Lyrics

Hate Love by Joel Adams It’s daylight And we’ve been going at it all night This make up break up just don’t feel right And I don’t think you care […]

Zach Sorgen – Bad Habit Lyrics

Bad Habit by Zach Sorgen I can’t remember Just how many times i let you go Return to sender As hard as I try, I can’t say no I’m good […]

Sam Derosa – Pill for This Lyrics

Pill for This by Sam Derosa I should be drunk right now Dancing with strangers, kissing new faces But it’s 1 AM, I’m thinkin’ of you I should be lashing out Throwing that […]

Olivia Lane – Perfect Skin Lyrics

Perfect Skin by Olivia Lane (From Songland) If you never ever loved a mirror You’ve never really seen yourself Mistakes like freckles, labeled potential Staring back at you As naked […]

Jake Scott – Journey Lyrics

Journey by Jake Scott I’ve been wide awake since 1:45 Left every single worry behind In my rearview, on a old back road looking over at you Chasing good times […]

MACI – Take a Ride Lyrics

Take a Ride by MACI I wanna feel like I’m sixteen again Your name in Sharpie written on my hand Whole life ahead of me and all we had was […]

Old Dominion – Young Lyrics

Young by Old Dominion All we had was a feeling All we knew is we were leaving A couple drops in the ocean Go back for just a moment Before […]

Katelyn Tarver – Young Lyrics

Young by Katelyn Tarver Spilling wine on the carpet In your Melrose apartment Caught up in the emotion Go back just for a moment Making out on your sofa Put […]

Casey Cook – Judgments Lyrics

Judgments by Casey Cook Tell me your story Wanna know the whole damn thing Don’t hide it from me We were done some crazy things We’re the talk of our […]