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Tag: Songland (Soundtrack)

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Bebe Rexha - Miracle Lуrісѕ

Bebe Rexha – Miracle Lyrics

Miracle By Bebe Rexha The voices talk, but I don’t listen Keep ’em locked up in my head ‘Cause everything they ever said is just a lie No, I’m not […]

Boyz II Men - Love Struck Lyrics

Boyz II Men – Love Struck Lyrics

Love Struck By Boyz II Men Ay-yay-yay-yay, yeah Ay-yay-yay-yay, yeah, ooh Love struck, intoxicated Truth is I know you’re taken Queen of Hearts is the game you’re playin’ Baby, it’s […]

Jenna Lotti – Sad Girls Lyrics

“Sad Girls” (Produced by Shane McAnally) I would never talk to someone else The way that I talk to myself I go from wired To so sick and tired of […]

Wolves – Miracle Lyrics

Miracle By Wolves Bloody knees from prayer Sadly nothing has changed, oh I’m not trying to pressure But God, did you forget my name? Oh, ’cause lord, I could sure […]

CKAY – Hero Lyrics

Hero By CKAY Don’t need a fairytale That’s never been my story Don’t need a white knight to show Up in a blaze of glory Just ’cause I’m treading water […]

Luis Fonsi - Sway Lyrics

Luis Fonsi – Sway Lyrics

Sway By Luis Fonsi Cuando ella sale con sus amigas Se pone loca, ay, ay, ay Shots de tequila manos pa ‘rriba No quiere novio, ay, ay, ay Oh, why […]

PipoBeats – Sway Lyrics

Sway Lyrics By PipoBeats Cuando ella sale Con sus amigas Se pone loca pa’ bailar Why don’t you show me cómo lo mueves Cuando tu’ amigas no están? I will […]

Tim Halperin – Losing You Lyrics

Losing You By Tim Halperin Wishing wells and shooting stars Just let me down Never had to pray this hard But I’m learning how And the wall between us, paper-thin, […]