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H.E.R. – Think Lyrics

Think Lyrics by H.E.R. (From the Motion Picture “What Men Want”) [H.E.R.] Oh you better think (Think) Think about what you’re trying to do to me I said think (Think, […]

Gerard Way – Hazy Shade of Winter Lyrics

Hazy Shade of Winter Lyrics by Gerard Way (feat. Ray Toro) (From Netflix: The Umbrella Academy) Time, time, time See what’s become of me Time, time, time See what’s become […]

Sofia Wylie - Side by Side Lyrics

Sofia Wylie – Side by Side Lyrics

Side by Side Lyrics by Sofia Wylie (From “Marvel Rising”) [Sofia Wylie] Crawling through the dark screaming, “No surrender!” With an army marching in our souls There’s a fire in […]

Christina Perri – ​remember me Lyrics

remember me Lyrics by Christina Perri (From “COCO” Soundtrack) Remember me, though I have to say goodbye Remember me, don’t let it make you cry Forever, if I’m far away, […]

Wang Chung – Space Junk Lyrics

(FROM “The Walking Dead” Season 9, Episode 5) Yeah [Wang Chung] Drifting on the spaceway By the Betelgeuse Hotel Mapping out constellations Of the place I know so well [Wang […]

Blues Saraceno – The River Lyrics

(FROM “The Walking Dead” Season 9, Episode 4) [Blues Saraceno] Oh my lord Take this soul Lay me at the bottom of the river The devil has come to carry […]

The Walking Dead – The Whisperer Theme Lyrics

[From Season 9’s] Whisper, whisper, whisper in the garden Whisper, whisper, so they cannot hear Whisper, whisper, whisper when you’re sleeping Whisper, whisper, and they’ll know you’re here THE WALKING […]

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax Lyrics

Relax Lyrics by Frankie Goes to Hollywood (From “Black Mirror’s” Bandersnatch) Mi-i-ine Give it to you one time, now We-ell.. Whoa.. We-ell, now Relax, don’t do it When you want […]

Sam Smith – Fire On Fire Lyrics

Fire On Fire Lyrics by Sam Smith My mother said I’m too romantic She said, “You’re dancing in the movies” I almost started to believe her Then I saw you […]

Skylar Grey – Everything I Need Lyrics

Everything I Need Lyrics Skylar Grey (Aquaman Soundtrack) Born on the wrong side of the ocean With all the tides against you You never thought you’d be much good for […]

Pitbull – Ocean to Ocean Lyrics

Ocean to Ocean Lyrics Pitbull (feat. Rhea) (Aquaman Soundtrack) [Pitbull:] They tried to get rid of me But from ocean to ocean They are gonna have to deal with me […]

Vince Staples - Home Lyrics

Vince Staples – Home Lyrics

Home Lyrics Vince Staples This morning I woke up in a fortress of distortion I’m at war with my emotions, I’m at war with the enforcement Tryna fight for what’s […]