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Tag: T-T : Reckless Endangerment – Album(2019)

Travis Thompson – Enough Today Lyrics

Enough Today by Travis Thompson: Everything’s enough today I won’t even duck the rain Imma jump the cavalier and do everything but complain Imma smoke my lungs away Lately ain’t […]

Travis Thompson – Don’t Run Lyrics

Don’t Run by Travis Thompson: Yo, heh-heh I was snot-nosed, cross-eyed, dozing off, and stealing s--- Stalked-home, wide-eyed, rolling past the dealership Like: “oo, need me one of them”, and […]

Travis Thompson – Kube (Skit) Lyrics

Kube (Skit) by Travis Thompson: Whats going on your tuned into Kube 933 Number one for hip-hop Up next we got the kid straight outta the hometown Travis Thompson Yooo […]

Travis Thompson – We Good! Lyrics

We Good! by Travis Thompson: I said who want what They done f----- up Let me off the leash with my young bucks Pressing dumb luck, ain’t no stopping me […]

Travis Thompson – Glass Ceiling Lyrics

Glass Ceiling by Travis Thompson Ft. Prometheus Brown, Macklemore & Sir Mix-a-Lot: Live from occupied Duwamish territory Where geo, saba laid the bricks for Trav to tell the story Of a youngin […]

Travis Thompson – Malice Lyrics

Malice by Travis Thompson: Never no malice on the side Never no bitter how I get mine B---- worry about yourself Trying to keep my head down It’s too much Never no malice […]