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Tag: True 2 Myself (2019)

Lil Tjay – No Escape Lyrics

No Escape By Lil Tjay Lyrics Eight ‘Bout the wait Bein’ in the hood with no escape Learned from my mistakes Sentence on cases Back when I was five years […]

Lil Tjay – Top of My Game Lyrics

Top of My Game By Lil Tjay Lyrics They tried to tell me I wouldn’t be shit Family doubted, I couldn’t believe I had to focus and better myself Fightin’ […]

Lil Tjay – Sex Sounds Lyrics

Sex Sounds By Lil Tjay Lyrics The way you kiss me when I’m strokin’ deep inside of it I swear you ride it so good (So good) That pussy blow […]

Lil Tjay – Mixed Emotions Lyrics

Mixed Emotions By Lil Tjay Lyrics Know you want me for my bread, you ain’t fucking wit’ my head Try to push me to the edge, I reverse that shit […]

Lil Tjay – Post to Be Lyrics

Post to Be By Lil Tjay Lyrics I still can’t even go to sleep, you still can’t get over me I thought you was real, how you fuck someone so […]

Lil Tjay – One Take Lyrics

One Take By Lil Tjay Lyrics I got a plan to run up some bands You tell me can’t, I tell you, “I am” Free all my brothers that’s stuck […]

Lil Tjay – Hold On Lyrics

Hold On by Lil Tjay Lyrics Yeah, I think it’s time to shine, I been waitin’ so long Broski servin’ time, he been gone for so long And I promise […]

Lil Tjay – Goat Lyrics

Goat By Lil Tjay CashMoneyAP Lil Tjay Niggas gon’ hate, I don’t care about ’em Niggas gon’ hate, I don’t care about ’em Not at all No one can stop […]

Lil Tjay – Leaked Lyrics

Leaked By Lil Tjay Woah, yeah Lil Tiay So I’m skrrting off the scene in a foreign, see me goin’ (Ooh) Me and YG up in Cali smoking GT out […]

Lil Tjay – F.N Lyrics

F.N Lyrics By Lil Tjay (Fuck niggas, I don’t trust niggas If  you bust triggers and you tell, you a fuck nigga) If  you tell, you a fuck nigga (How […]

Lil Tjay – LANESWITCH Lyrics

LANESWITCH by Lil Tjay (JD On Tha Track) (Nagra) Fuck it, I know I’m still young, I know I’m still dumb Man, I’m tryna change shit My youngins they be […]