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Tag: Yes & No – EP 2019

XYLØ – Bad Habit Lyrics

Bad Habit by XYLØ They say, “Find what you love and then you let it kill you” Kill you, yeah But you don’t listen to no one, you don’t follow […]

XYLØ – Ordinary Lyrics

Ordinary by XYLØ Is it weird there? I wanna swerve into the traffic Is it weird there? Only the folks I like are tragic He said, “I’m with it” I’ll […]

XYLØ – Yes & No Lyrics

Yes & No by XYLØ People say I’m indecisive If one day I hate it, then the next I’ll probably like it Do I feel like being alone with all […]

XYLØ – the end Lyrics

the end by XYLØ Everybody’s outside A sunny day like a dream But I’m not looking at the sky Just my bedroom ceiling And lately I’ve been sacrificing things I […]

XYLØ – ride or die Lyrics

ride or die by xylø Yeah, I think it’s cute when you tell me lies (Ooh) Always let you win when I know I’m right (Ooh) Backseat in the coupe […]