The Acacia Strain – Big Sleep Lyrics

Big Sleep Lyrics by The Acacia Strain
Album : Gravebloom
Released : 2017
Genre : Metal, Rock
Label :  Rise Records

Oh wondrous deceiver you’ve made me a true believer
locked inside an empty room
enjoy your safety enjoy your tomb.
The bottom is too high
You’ve been sinking your entire life
I cringe every time I’m forced to say your name
Today and yesterday will never be the same
Fear is the difference between progress and change
In death there is no pain I turn the final page
I am the voice you hear just before you die
no second chances, time to say goodbye.
Bite your tongue as I smile ear to ear
Taste the iron in the air
Enjoy the big sleep
You’ve gotten yourself elbow deep
Close your eyes and grit your teeth
You ruin everything
You ruin everything you touch
The world is your enemy and I’m your fucking crutch
One of these days you’re all going to die
And that will be the best day of my life
Your life is a joke
Take a bunch of pills and choke
What’s dead is dead will always be
You do not exist to me.

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