The Staves & yMusic – The Way is Read (Album Lyrics)

Album: The Way is Read
Release Date: November 24, 2017
Genre: Alternative
Label: Nonesuch

01.  Hopeless
02.  Take Me Home
03.  Trouble on My Mind
04.  Bladed Stance
05.  All My Life
06.  Silent Side
07.  Year of the Dog
08.  Courting Is A Pleasure
09.  All the Times You Prayed
10.  Appetite
11.  Sprig of Thyme
12.  The Way Is Read

The Way is Read Cover
Album Cover

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● “Make It Holy”

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[ Quotable ]
Shaking out the sheets and holding on, holding on
Following my feet until it’s done, until it’s gone
It’s dead and gone

● “Facing West”

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[ Quotable ]
I’ll take the high road that he walked
Once before
You sit and watch me as I come

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