The Wonder Years – Doors I Painted Shut Lyrics

Doors I Painted Shut Lyrics – The Wonder Years

I don’t wanna die
At least not without you
Alone here in the August heat
In the shadows of the afternoon

I don’t wanna die
But I’m petrified of getting up
There’s a draft coming from underneath
A door I swore I’d painted shut

I’m staring at the sun
Even though I’m sure that I’m asleep
It’s expanding out to swallow us
I can feel the low, persistent heat

I don’t try to run
I wait out there on the porch swing
In the orange glow and eerie calm
The continent slides off into the sea

I don’t wanna stay
Under the low clouds of a humid heat
I’m singing softly out of tune
I can never find the key

I don’t wanna die
Or maybe I do
Cause everything’s so fucking dark
You found me crying in the other room

It’s been years since I’ve been low like this
I don’t like me
Playing piano with a broken wrist
I don’t like me
I’ve been waiting at the window sill
I don’t like me
I need you to know I love you still
I don’t like me