Token – Thank God Lyrics

Thank God Lyrics – Token

I got one life to live, I said: “Baby, let’s get high”
Yeah, yeah

I got one life to live, I said: “Baby, let’s get high”
Six-thousand square feet, it’s time to treat them like they’re mine
[?], put my foot up and reclined
With my baby that I almost broke up without a pride
(Yeah, I remember that day like—) I do a lot because of pride
Wholesome parties gotta be the most twisted one [?]
It’s been a fucked up year, I spent half on getting high
Guess the more I learn about myself, the more I want to hide
But, my sister finally clean, thank God
Momma beat cancer, thank God
Dad’s just had a heart attack, and big man survived
I gotta remember, thank God
(T, finish everything) I said don’t eat enough
I just told my homie about it but I kept it brief enough
Four hours at the gym, workers think I’m getting buff
Everybody at the crib know I’m the least healthy one
Don’t gas me, I’m the one
Hoes had me on a run, throat raspy off a blunt
“Token, why the wait?” No caffeine in the cup
Gotta put my brakes up, coke addict in my blood
But, I’m getting wise, thank God
I don’t dualize, thank God
My ex moved on and that shit affected my pride
But I feel fine, thank God
I wanna be a gentleman but I don’t got a man and sketch
I don’t gotta grab a left
And I love my dad a lot but he ain’t teach me nothing yet
Teacher touched him as a kid, he won’t even have sex
Thank God I’m alright
I was thirteen when a older homie touched me
I thought if I said it out loud
It’d make it seem more real than it is now me
I’m not gay, if I was gay, I would be proud to be
Life is funny tho’, I won’t even talk to dude
But he got a younger sister that my girlfriend used to fuck with too
Small world, lotta secrets in that bitch
Never talked to God, but I feel like he speaking on this bitch
Knew he hit a lot of muscle and the demons
And I think life is all about balance
Pink-pink-pink-pink, thank God