Token – WHITE TURNS RED Lyrics

WHITE TURNS RED Lyrics – Token

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Get me something to relax, babe
My thrill gone, my girl gone
Token ain’t fit, just a bent bridge that I built this world on
Seventeen you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t gon’ be the biggest deal
Fillin’ up that relationship showed me failure’s in me still (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Caught on camera, baby found out her boyfriend got history
I fucked that whole shit up, it’s done
That stuff woke up the bitch in me
Fucked around and signed this deal (Yeah) the same time I [?] now
I might just let them write that hit for me
“Where’s the album? Where he at?”
They say “I love you” when you sad
You keep it real, they keep it real
I do not wanna write no raps
I wanna be distracted by them red high heels (Yeah)
Hit the scene, boom, chit-chat’s getting real
I’m starting to think they only believe in me when I believe in me
But what would my referrals gone?
Been a year, my girl gone
Irony about replacement bitch who fill my lust
I get so twisted with her, I can’t even fuck
I might hit a miss and it’s a loss, over budget
I’m a cost, I get lost inside the red just to show myself a boss
Scrapped the album another time, another time, another time
And time passed
Label spent a couple million on a fucking white flag

My mama don’t like my—
Ayy, yeah
My mama don’t like my bitch but she control me the best
The string’s the only reason don’t feel like my throat’s on my chest
They ain’t believe me if this house made the choices instead
My bitch the same, but she lil’ worse
She wants to eat bones to her flesh
I been so anxious when she home, I ask she feel my heartbeat
And don’t smoke ’round my sister bro, we just got the girl clean
She tryna recreate my ex, she made her hair curly
Maybe my sister hallucinating, gotta make sure the girl sleep
Lot of my new homies ’bout to die for me before my old ones
They crackin’ jokes, my drunk ass burned himself last time he rolled up
I used to feel some level of pride but now I get higher that I say, you know
I feel more pride in highs, but now realize my lows are too low
She say she like the girls that shave like Summer Walker, Doja Cat and Remy Ma
I know a few, but she don’t wanna bring ’em in so I don’t bring it up
I might tell a lie, but I don’t cheat, you know
The homies laugh at me being forgetful, but it’s intentional
Yeah we keep me in schedule, tight and perfected
‘Cause when my schedule open up, then what am I left with?
I was out in L.A., baby called the dude “a friend”
Found out she fucked him, when I’m high, I forget it

But it always did for me

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