Ay, ay, ay, I’m levelin’ up (Levelin’ up)
Too much was never enough (Never enough)
If I said it was up, then it’s what? (Stuck)
Stuck there, yeah
And I got Ed in the cut
He gon’ shoot like he Steph in the clutch (Clutch)
I’m levelin’, levelin’, levelin’

Oh, god damn, that nigga levelin’ up
I was just down on my luck
They said I would never come up
Look at me now, wealthy as fuck
My nigga, I’m levelin’ up
I’m levelin’, levelin’, levelin’, levelin’

Fresh out of county, they had me in stripes
They wanna feed me with sedatives
No, I’m not a pharmaceutical company; I don’t be pedalin’ medicine
I got a whole new gameplan, I’m doin’ numbers like Rain Man
How many years I’ve been dope, man?
I said fuck it and started a weed brand
And I’m connected like Edison, ay
Meeting with African presidents, ay
I got a plan for the continent, ay
They cannot damage my confidence, ay
I’m overseas, I want all the B’s, a nigga not talkin’ ’bout consonants
My people are victims of capitalism; I know this shit all about marketing

(Level, level, level, level)
Ugh, levelin’, levelin’, levelin’, levelin’
Everything done with longevity
Niggas can take a mug shot, but they can’t get ahead of me
Savemoney the brand, the label, ay
Savemoney the army, the naval, ay
I just pulled off in a demon, the spirits so high, I be talkin’ to angels

Ay, ay, ay, I’m levelin’ up
These niggas ain’t ready for us
Chain hanging, it’s heavy as fuck
Yeah, yeah
I got the MAC in the tuck
I’ma shoot it like Steph in the, what?
I’m levelin’, levelin’, levelin’

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