Whoppa Wit Da Choppa – Vanish Mode Lyrics

Vanish Mode Lyrics – Whoppa Wit Da Choppa

Damn, whopp we need some more muhammad ali
I can f*ck any bitch i want ’cause i’m cocky
Whole 3.5 in a ‘wood but this not P
Niggas say they looking for me, bitch you know I’m out east
I vanish mode all my bitches can’t tell on me
Put me on your close friends, you wanna suck on me
And i know that pussy good, my dawg told me
He also told me “never come outside without your heat”
It’s three o’clock when i slide in them dms
There go Whopp, all them niggas wanna be him
Shoot a opp, nigga whenever i see him
We sliding early morning boy, it ain’t gotta be pm (damn)
Is that ass real?
Baby let me touch it
f*ck that, let me get behind it
Baby lеt me f*ck it
She say “why you still soft”
Bitch you gotta suck it
Oh you don’t suck dick?
Bitch ain’t no sensе in coming
Slow down on them perks, ’cause i kept throwing up
Where you from? what you bang? nigga throw it up
We in a two-door with four hoes tryna go with us
I told them they can stay at the club if they ain’t tryna f*ck
No cap in my rap, i don’t do no lying (at all)
That ass ain’t fat enough, then bitch there ain’t no what’s flying
Stop cheating on my bitch, lord knows i’m trying
Boy, these hoes for everybody, ain’t none of these hoes mine
I’m a dog, so i hit that bitch doggy style
She said put it in her ass, damn lil mama wild
Spot on evergreen, i’m a f*cking wild child
I lay lil mama on the floor like some f*cking towel

Just brought a chop’, in another nigga hood wit Whoppa Whoppa
They want beef then i’ma serve a nigga double whopper
She wanna f*ck me i just told the ho to suck me sloppy
Record it on my phone, i’m kind of sneaky like i’m paparazzi
I pop pills, but i’m never ever paparazzi
We crash out on the opps but this ain’t koma cosmic
Bad bitch don’t know her name, so i’ma call her kylie
I knew i was gon f*ck her from the first time i caught her smilin’
They be tweakin’ on the ‘net but they ain’t really bout it
They just cheer for them niggas, never caught a body
I might go and kill a nigga, never talk about it
leave him laying on the floor, put some chalk around it
I’m from the west, where them youngins ride with dracos
Rob a nigga for him for everything he got, if he ain’t gang, ho
Baby let me f*ck, i ain’t got time for the games ho
I ain’t finna kiss you, but i’ll bust on your face tho (oh my god)
If i ain’t kill him the first time, i’ma spin again
He got that woo on him, so f*ck it i’ma kill his friends
Lurkin wit my .2 till its time to drill again
They smoked mari, now a nigga tryna smoke twin

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