Xavier Wulf – First Light Lyrics

First Light Lyrics – Xavier Wulf

4 AM, I’m out here smokin’ on a noodie
I see the sun rise now it’s time to keep it movin’
You n****s ain’t a threat who you thought you was behoovin’
I’m riding through the county only bumpin’ old music
I pulled up on my momma just to see what they was doin’
I’m headed out to eat, I just ate but I’m hungry
I ain’t finna play wit none of you n****s or ya homies
He said he wouldn’t run, found out that was bologna

Yea n***a, h**l yea, send him off a cliff
She said I drove her crazy told that b***h to get a grip
I got the F80 just to add it to the whips
I pull up to the car meet smokin’ on a fifth
If I let you slide then consider that a gift
If I’m f***in’ with her let her book a lil trip
Ion remember nothin’ but I bet I won’t forget
If he run up on me let that old 4 rip
They thought I was sketchy; why his hand on his hip?
Stage 2 tuned hit the pop when I dip
Imma raise a cup for the hood and take a sip
Imma have a f***ing blast crash the event
Imma tell it to the class he ain’t really rich
Piccadilly eating ass n****s talking s**t
They was in the club smokin’ only one skimp

When I get a steak I need a side of grilled shrimp
Or go get the crab legs, butter up the b***h
I ain’t even flex I will butter off the b***h
She wanna pull up jus cuz’ the accent
Ion give a f**k don’t give me ya two cents
Imma give it to a j***ie like he needed it
She looked up at me and said “you so conceited-ed”
He said he was comin’ but I’m not believin’ it
You b***h

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