YG – Free The Homies Interlude Lyrics

Free The Homies Interlude by YG
Released : 2018

You have a prepaid call from TC
An inmate at the Delano Community Correctional Facility, Delano, California
This call and your telephone number will be monitored and recorded
To accept this call, say or dial 5 now
Thank you for using Global Tel Link
Yo YG what’s happenin’ fool? It’s Teecee
Shit nigga stay callin’ your ass
You never answer the motherfuckin’ phone
But shit look bro a nigga calling you to let you know that I’m lookin’ for them dollars nigga
Nigga really down in this bitch you feel me
Nigga stomach damn near touching his back you feel me?
But you stay coming through for a nigga man I appreciate that man you feel me?
Shit the last five years wouldn’t be the same without you
A lot of niggas turned they backs to me shit
[?] I appreciate you fool you know what I’m sayin’
Keep doing yo shit

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