YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Dirty Thug Lyrics

Dirty Thug Lyrics -‪ YoungBoy Never Broke Again

I, take these drugs with no party
I, told that girl that I’m sorry
I, seen what was said, and it scarred me
Guess what got me actin’ this way? (D-Roc)

Why the fuck I can’t get mad? They left, I ain’t enough (Yeah)
I been tryna find happiness in myself, I lost my trust
Seen it wasn’t no angel in that girl, I lost my lust
I don’t give no fuck about that field, I lost my girl (Yeah)

This [?] I ain’t gon’ lie, the Devils in my world
And you know that I’m toxic, mad, I’ll kill somebody
Bitch, you know I ain’t with that cappin’, pray, I drill somebody
I go all out ’bout your love, I beef with anybody
No, I ain’t bow down to that girl ’cause, I is somebody (Yeah)
And I’m worth the love, I can’t make you cherish me
And I’m worth ya love, and you knew what you was gettin’ into
Now, why you embarrass me?
All these hoes just want your shoes, they don’t like you married me
I, get mad and flash in the crib, she might record me
I, pop a pill then start customizin’ my ‘Rarri
I, let this ho come sneak in, I’m sorry
I, if you leave, gon’ be with my Nari, yeah

Why the fuck I can’t get mad? They left, I ain’t enough
For these people, why I do shit, don’t do shit for myself
I’m here with you, but feel like my heart left
I been tryin’ and I need help

Fuck make-up, I fly you ’round like data
Pay you racks, I charge you up, you just like data
I’m wit’ her, don’t need no Dada, fuck that data
Got my wife, bitch, you better no tell nobody I date ya (Huh-huh)
Head was nice, you better not tell nobody I paid up
Huh, rich as fuck, I’m a real big shark, I’m bitin’ on all the ladies
Wrong as fuck, gotta make this shit up, I’m buyin’ her all the latest
Push the button on some’, I don’t give one fuck
Better tell them, don’t play with me

In the Spyder when she pulled in, ridin’ in that big body
She was in the studio watchin’ movies, nigga
I was in that mode
I say, “Soon as I walked in, you know that I dig inside it”

I’m fuckin’ up, but she not givin’ up
Give a fuck about no slut, I’m in love with that girl
Try lovin’ me, know that it’s hard as fuck
She not givin’ a fuck, so I’m owin’ that girl
Say one better than me, know you destined to see
And I’m destined to meet, someone for me
I ain’t gettin’ no better, I’m beggin’ you, please
On the dance floor with the Devil
Can you come take over for him, please?
I said, “Can you come step in and dance with me?”
Off White, money comin’ left and right
You the last thing make me complete
I take these drugs with no party
I told that girl I was sorry
I’m on my shit, oh, now pardon me (Pardon me)
I saw some shit, sad, and it scarred me
No time to be misled, don’t fuck around with my peace
Bitch brain good, was in my bed, ho might as well just leave
Fuck boy, wit’ that hatin’, he don’t now I barely much sleep
If I pay the fee, they gon’ spray him, get his brain bust in the street

Fuck make-up, I fly you ’round the world like data
Pay them racks, I charge you up, you just like data
I’m with you, don’t need no data, fuck that data
Bitch I’m through, sincere The Dada, ho, I hate you