YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Just Flow Lyrics

Just Flow Lyrics -‪ YoungBoy Never Broke Again

(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
(My nigga Brando been sick with it)
(Say, Brando, what it’s hittin’ for?)
Uh, yeah, Top nigga, let’s get that money, nigga
It ain’t no time to waste
It ain’t time to play wit’ these pussy ass niggas

Did they send my money? That’s a big advance (Yeah)
Got shawty countin’ up these hundreds, nigga
In a minute, need more rubber bands
Had to tell my bro’nem, “Don’t fuck up that plan”
My neck so flushed, how I’m turnt up
Gon’ leave with so many ho’s tonight, need an extra sprinter van
Jump out the whip and stop that man, bitch, I don’t play no games
Boy step, they bang, each one bust brains
If you up in war, need to do the same
Bought my first car, bought my first chain
I’m legendary, plus a vet’ inside the murder game
And I’m runnin’, got the law wan’ come in
Freeze me, to teach me, try breach me, probably saw me on the TV
Now, wan’ make me a repeat
I flood my bitch in CC, don’t worry ’bout it
She paid and got her body poppin’, I’m paid and got my whips exotic
Have a shootout how I’m rockin’, tell ’em, “Stop it”
Bitch ass boy know I’m with that, with a rocket sittin’ back
Push your shit back
What’s that you talkin’ ’bout?
Bitch, you ain’t like that, that’s my strike at
Second one, that’ll be your deathbed, Top known to split heads
Cut down, six twelves and two fours, can’t play the short bed
Know my slimes around, and they all about that
They’ll hang about that
Quick to take the Glock and whoop this nigga head, the fuck you said?
Had it on my mind, we be slangin’ iron
We been tendin’ slimes since they been dead
Mama say, “Fuck ’em”, I’ma cutthroat ’em
Leave him stretched right on side where he stay at

Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh

Bitch nigga, don’t play with me
Never break and entering, spray with me
Never laid with me, better watch what the fuck you say to me
Niggas know I kept them Ks with me
And ChoppaBoy, that’s E
I was sixteen, havin’ him stop, jump out and clear the whole street
Might start a beef
I’m gone off lean, but grind by any means
Count paper up, fuck haters
I’m on papers, still gettin’ dirty, I’m tryna shake ’em
Bought this Glock off da Methylamine, home of the Saints dress like a Laker
He dressin’ black but servin’ gray, call him a Raider
Who plannin’ on steppin’ on me? I send plenty rounds through your town
Lil’ shawty just wanna come over, she plan on me takin’ her down
They wanna know how a nigga make live the mac life
Spend hundred thousand dollars all on clothes to keep my swag right
Hm, I live a mac life, she know I’m wan’ get up in it
Get on top me, in the Bentley, baby girl, these windows tinted (Oh-oh-oh)
Tell them niggas I ain’t friendly, they know I’m a fuckin’ menace, huh

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