YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Lose Me Lyrics

Lose Me Lyrics – YoungBoy Never Broke Again

She Bonnie, I ain’t Clyde though
I’m far from that, nigga
But shit, shawty gutta though, she know how to die ’bout it
But look, check this out, though
Haha, bae, you can’t—
I know, but you can’t do that like that though
You can’t do that to ’em
(It’s Budda Beats)

I need someone to hold me down, so what’s happenin’?
Admit I don’t know how to love ‘fore you chance it
You got some shit you wanna see, so we gon’ grab it
I left my heart out in them streets, we steady taxin’
I won’t say a thing ’cause I got bitches on the low
And we don’t need no ring, ain’t play yo’ part and that I know
Bitch, I’m in the paint, wit’ boku burners on the flo’
Startin’ to love this pain, now, bitch, I’m ’bout to go up flo’
I had brought you to the clique house when we left out the bottom
You say yo’ ex stayed in BR and I asked you, “What’s the problem?”
I’ll never let ’em hurt you, I put that on this choppa
Circle K right there on Coursey, it went down when I caught ’em
We been talkin’ to each other at the house while standin’ by the lake
You say that you love me, ain’t respond ’cause I don’t know what that mean
Catchin’ plays together, make that drop and you gon’ hold the beam
Beat that pussy up and have you screamin’, “Please don’t never leave”
I been roamin’ round them trenches where they don’t show no love
And where you gotta watch them niggas, the ones give you a hug
Yo’ bitch portray you for a name, you thought she was yo’ girl?
You let ’em get a taste of fame and they hangin’ they self
I’ma let you hang yo’ self, ’cause you lose me
Tell me, how the fuck you care, if you lose me?
Tell me it ain’t nothin’ left, ’cause I know and that I see
Tell me that ain’t nothing left, baby, use me
We them, how we rockin’
Bet yo’ mama never met a thug
Diamonds in the top and through the bottom, we done ran it up
Let you drive the whip while I go score and run off on the plug
Hop out wit’ that stick and let it rip soon as I hit the cut

To the ones I was aggressive to, just know that I love you
To the ones I don’t fuck wit’, nigga, just know that it’s fuck you
To the ones that think it’s over, it ain’t long ’til we touch you
Suicidal, kamikaze, bitch, forever I’m thuggin’
You lose me, why you use me?
Yeah, ah-ah-ah
I’ma let you hang yo’ self, tell me, how the fuck you care?
Tell me it ain’t nothin’ left, tell me it ain’t nothin’ left