YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Michael Corleone Lyrics

Michael Corleone Lyrics – YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Haha, Say
(Dun Deal on the track)
My nigga [?]
(Bricks, this shit finna kill these niggas)
Psh, I don’t really love her
Imma have to ease my into it
But look
It’s recording?
Ight bet let em hear what that shit I’m finna speak about

Had to tell my girl, I love you cause you do it better
Ain’t got no dealings with them niggas cause I know better
Master p sending wealth with a cold stepper
I’m worth to much, I cannot touch em but my nigga stretch ’em
36 go by 1, let my OG stretch
Through the 6 with jawan, movin’ like the president
I got Michael Corleone tatted on my chest
Watching the king of New York
My son to my left

Beat the block up in the nawf
Come back to the house
My nigga on the phone talking raw like that we don’t talk
I heard a nigga passin’ diamond Missouri, heard I’m in the south
Bust this bitch and won’t take off my jewelry, make him draw the charts
Nene lookin’ like a Muslim with a hijab on her face
Drop sum ounces in the park, most like it I do 28
Hittas on top yo car soon as we passin’ through the gate
Heard a nigga want war, call the place and quick to rate, yeah
You know how we be rockin’ we don’t play no games no
Hop in the wraith this bitch all white, this that cocaine flow
Them niggas rapping bout it, never sold a thang tho
Ain’t gotta say a thang they know who bringin’ all the load
Bae we gon’ show them how to win everytime that it’s drought time
Go go higher than the wind, never stand down everytime it’s war time
My nigga say Allah Akbar when it’s time for to die
Scream Allah Akbar when it’s time for to die
Say Imma die hard when I hop out the ride
Never I fall hard cause forever I rise

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