2Scratch – Bleed Lyrics

Bleed Lyrics – 2Scratch

Bleed to make her fall in love
Bleed to make her lose control
Cuttin so well
She saving herself
She love to ease the pain she caused

Am i Trippin again ?
Pretty little vibe
& she ruin my plans
But I’m not mad
No not at all
she like that door
my way out
that I lost
& was looking for
And shit Yeah I want more
And from there it got worse
Felt like I needed her
Felt like I falling apart
My bros told me stop
Get a chance & the quit the fun
She got something
Please cut the strip as soon as u feel defraud
I might be doing so
But I might do not
Take all that advice they give
they ain’t know all the sides of her
Blame me for the wrongs I did
So I blame all the wrongs of her

That’s the Kinda Fairtrade here
Won’t get it far
Cuz shit got no love
But shit cannot stop
Cuz shit took to much
So yeah we fucked up
& shit like that crush
Sometimes into moods
Sometimes into dark

Oh she a different kind
It’s like murder on her mind
That tryna kill me all time
Ain’t no self respect in sight
& she don’t know wrong or right
All the rumors do apply
there ain’t no heart she got inside
Don’t appreciate her life
I guess that’s why
She gettin high
Let the time fly
Rollin up a vibe
To hide
From the suffer
She hiding from the pain
It’s a shame no one really cared
When she had some say

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