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Category: 2Scratch

2Scratch - CITY OF ROSES Lyrics

2Scratch – CITY OF ROSES Lyrics

CITY OF ROSES Lyrics – 2Scratch You’ve got to show me love Shawty so bad when she slidin’ down the pole, yeah When she’s talking dirty while we gettin’ closer […]

2Scratch - AFTERLIFE Lyrics

2Scratch – AFTERLIFE Lyrics

AFTERLIF Lyrics – 2Scratch Livin’ through the night and my time is runnin’ by Feelin’ like I died and I live my afterlife, yeah If I really die, yeah, I […]

2Scratch - NO LOVE Lyrics

2Scratch – NO LOVE Lyrics

NO LOVE Lyrics – 2Scratch Yeah, ooh-ooh She got no love in the cup Got no love left in her heart ‘Cause she’s the one that I want She’s that […]

2Scratch - SWITCHBLADE Lyrics

2Scratch – SWITCHBLADE Lyrics

SWITCHBLADE Lyrics – 2Scratch Got a switchblade in my mind now Got it on me, everytime now Got a good tase in my ride now Pullin’ on me, you’ll die […]

2Scratch - FROZEN Lyrics

2Scratch – FROZEN Lyrics

FROZEN Lyrics – 2Scratch Trapped in emotions Feeling like I’m frozen Tryna keep it rollin’ I keep it rollin’ (Keep it rollin’) Yeah Trapped in emotions, emotions Feeling like I’m […]