Adamjlss – Blindfolded Lyrics

Blindfolded Lyrics by Adamjlss


I’m blindfolded with your love
I can’t resist temptation with your body
shawty I don’t know any better , you the only
one who turns me on.
shawty I care for you.


Fuck it, I know you the one I forgot about the street
and I start having fun
I guess I got thing we always do them better
only if you ready for my love endeavor
girl I know you love it when you thirty
because I treat special on your birthday


shawty I know you like my way
when I’m blindfolded


You like to play play when I’m blindfolded
because I give you everything you deserve it
all my home think I’m freaky because I done
a lot of thing know about.
I used to hink a lot of getting high , but I’m on the mission
of your love now.

I’m addicted for you, time will tell
let me tell you the truth
mesmerized of your standard time will tell
how I got you fondled.
never know love before because I was on the road
I better my life, what’s good?
I blindfolded can see nothing, nothing
but you.


shawty I got tell the truth I never do
when the love got crazy only moment that I’m high
blindfolded I don’t see nothing only you
I can’t remember nothing only your smile
I don’t feel nothing only your tough.
oh, oh oh
Blindfolded with your love.


lemme tell the truth I never say
lemme tell the truth I never tell

you the one I wanna grill
you the one I wanna love

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