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Category: Daily Lyrics

Long For Anaesthesia - A.N.N.A. Lyrics

Long For Anaesthesia – A.N.N.A. Lyrics

A.N.N.A. Lyrics by Long For Anaesthesia I dreamed your embodiment tonight An illusion that I have lost But I felt your warmth Rip my veins again You were still breathing […]

Kate Tempest – Firesmoke Lyrics

Firesmoke Lyrics by Kate Tempest My visionary is a vision I watch her dancing by the window And it rips my flesh to ribbons And the whole world is just […]

Roses Gabor – Illusions Lyrics

Illusions Lyrics By Roses Gabor Full Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Back Later. ROSES GABOR LYRICS Roses Gabor, Fantasy and Fact (2019) 01. Rush 02. F--- Up the Bass […]