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Category: Daily Lyrics

The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous Lyrics

The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous Lyrics Welcome unto this wretched underworld Where we the primordial slime we live and breed We are the ones that time’s forgotten Beneath your […]

Runtown – Body Riddim Lyrics

Runtown – Body Riddim Lyrics It’s Del B pon the beat Caro carry Olo fe so She go wound person Yea ey yea She go kill person Jo wa bayi […]

Bunduki Feat Country Boy – Pesa Lyrics

Pesa By Bunduki Feat Country Boy Mi ndo pesa cheki navyo wasumbua akili Hawalali kutwa wanakesha kunitafuta midili Nawapeleka puta mpaka majasho yanatoka Vikwapa vinawanuka wanipati navyotoka Adimu kama nini […]

Nightly – The Movies Lyrics

The Movies By Nightly Talked until you fell asleep Now I’m driving home on dopamine My brain is in the back seat And my heart’s in drive I’m holding onto […]

Hit-Boy – All Business

All Business By Hit-Boy Gun powder in my …, load the clip then unload it We the realest you can quote me I’m back and I’m better brodie Made this […]

Key Glock – Look At They Face Lyrics

Look At They Face By Key Glock BandPlay Let the BandPlay Hey Yeah I heard them n----- hating ’cause I’m up now (What?) I’ve been makin’ plays all day, I […]

Morad (ESP) – Comisaría Lyrics

Comisaría By Morad (ESP) [Intro] En la calle, en la calle, de la-eh Corriendo de la-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah [Verso 1] Comiéndome una causa, que ni si quiera he hecho Comiéndome la comisaría, y no […]

G.C.F in Helsinki Lyrics

G.C.F in Helsinki Lyrics Is that what we’re at? If we reach up as the waters climb in us The hardest part Blind to reason, lose the sight of what’s […]

S-X – Come Alive Lyrics

Come Alive By S-X talk to me crazy i need to be hearin that had you and lost you and now i need you back i need june 2017 back […]