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Category: Daily Lyrics

Whethan – Summer Luv Lyrics

Summer Luv by Whethan (feat. Crystal Fighters) I call you for no reason Send smoke signals Let you know I still believe in Summer luving after dawn So when can […]

Grayscale – In Violet Lyrics

In Violet by Grayscale Low, let’s see how far I’ll go now that I’ve lost control I’m stuck here grieving all alone I’m out of hope, guess that’s the way […]

Syence – Firehazard Lyrics

Firehazard by Syence (feat. Emily Falvey) Know you’re no good for me But you’ve got that energy That i have to have you feeling And i know your feeling me […]

SG Lewis – Blue Lyrics

Blue Lyrics : SG Lewis Blue in your eyes As I fall for the night But you’ll fade away When morning light is rising Leave a taste lingering on my […]

Long For Anaesthesia - A.N.N.A. Lyrics

Long For Anaesthesia – A.N.N.A. Lyrics

A.N.N.A. Lyrics by Long For Anaesthesia I dreamed your embodiment tonight An illusion that I have lost But I felt your warmth Rip my veins again You were still breathing […]

Kate Tempest – Firesmoke Lyrics

Firesmoke Lyrics by Kate Tempest My visionary is a vision I watch her dancing by the window And it rips my flesh to ribbons And the whole world is just […]

Roses Gabor – Illusions Lyrics

Illusions Lyrics By Roses Gabor Full Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Back Later. ROSES GABOR LYRICS Roses Gabor, Fantasy and Fact (2019) 01. Rush 02. F--- Up the Bass […]