AViVA – The Saint and the Sinner Lyrics

The Saint and the Sinner Lyrics – AViVA

So you’ve seen those lies and heard my pain
I’ve been a demon but you think I’m still a saint

Tired of chasing freedom, something’s feel so strange
Stop looking at me like I’m gonna lead the way

Searching for the light
Everything that I thought I knew
Torn into pieces by the truth

There’s no wrong or right
Everything that they said about me
Guess you’ll see

You’re a saint
And I’m a sinner
But I’m desperate for the light

Been in pain
But not a quitter
In this everlasting fight

Picking up the pieces, still can’t explain
Why there’s only silence after flooding rains

You want my reasons, why I walked away
But I’m still over here, wonderin’ if I’m insane

Can you hear it?
Can you hear my heartbeat

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