Beartooth – The Better Me Lyrics

The Better Me Lyrics by Beartooth

How many times have I said I was gonna be someone When I get back onto my feet
Tomorrow I’m gonna make changes
Cause today I can barely speak
I know how pull myself out
And it’s gonna hurt like hell to set myself free
Just say it out loud
Todays the day I stop fucking around and be the better me

I’ve been burned by it
Concerned bout it
I can’t steady my hand
The side effects of it have been soul crushing
This wasn’t part of my plan I don’t wanna suffer
Tried to lie and I tried to recover
But I’m back in the gutter
Thinking all the same things

I’m so done with it
And I’ve run with it for as long as I can
Im shutting down
Have one foot in the ground and I got no confidence left don’t need one another
Testified and it’s time to recover

I wont die in the gutter cold alone and unseen

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