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Category: Beartooth

Beartooth – Used and Abused Lyrics

Used and Abused by Beartooth Released : 2018 All hail to the old king To a dead sea To the same old trash Never washed clean I’m dying, not changing […]

Beartooth – Infection Lyrics

Infection by Beartooth Released : 2018 Why do I second guess everything I’ve ever tried? Nothing real ever happens when I take your advice I don’t wanna show you honesty […]

Beartooth – Believe Lyrics

Believe by Beartooth Released : 2018 Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Make me believe it Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Make me believe it Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Make me believe it I’m stuck in December In the middle of […]

Beartooth – Enemy Lyrics

Enemy by Beartooth Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. Check out Later, or You Can Send Us the Lyrics Using Form Below. Beartooth – Disease (Album 2018) […]

Beartooth – Manipulation Lyrics

Manipulation by Beartooth Released : 2018 This is manipulation Yeah I hesitated, got lost again You saw me as wounded prey I was a wreck, I was a bloody mess […]

Beartooth – Afterall Lyrics

Afterall by Beartooth Released : 2018 I must be doing this all wrong Should be happy but I’m searching for the voice I lost Guess I’m just human afterall I […]

Beartooth – You Never Know Lyrics

You Never Know by Beartooth Released : 2018 I can’t breathe in With hands on my neck I scream back The grip that holds on The reason I’m trapped in […]

Beartooth – Fire Lyrics

Fire by Beartooth Released : 2018 Save your breath it’s all turning into static No chance you’re winning this fight Kill the lights and let’s do a little dancing Hope […]

Beartooth – Disease Lyrics

Disease by Beartooth Released : 2018 If I fall again, will it be the end? I know it’s wrong You think I’m strong, but I just pretend Is it taking […]

Beartooth – Bad Listener Lyrics

Bad Listener by Beartooth You say my fashion’s not a fashion at all There’s no degree in rock and roll Say it’s a waste of time Say I’ll never get […]