Belle And Sebastian – So In The Moment Lyrics

So In The Moment Lyrics – Belle And Sebastian

Lime-coloured leaves are bending and blowing
In the springtime of life
Lime-coloured leaves are blending and knowing
And I bet I’ll survive
Survival is hardly the point

Oh, you’re my kind of daydream
I’ll foster ambitions
Break down inhibitions
‘Til realisations take over
And wishes convert into kisses galore
And I’ll dream no more

I’ll be so in the moment
Putting your hand in mine (So in the moment)
Finding gold in the silver mine (So in the moment)
Not a thorn on the vine (So in the moment)
Of roses in the summertime

When the old times are fading fast
The pleasures will come at last
I’ll take you for my own
And I won’t let go

Lime-coloured leaves still bending and blowing
With a walk in the park
Arm-and-arm with my true love
The roses have faded
Bad choice of remark
Complacency strikes at the heart

Now we’re balancing upon the kerb
Please don’t say another word
Way down below
There’s still sharks in the road
I want to jump in like Paul McCartney and Wings
‘I feel like letting go’

I’ll be so in the moment
Begging your forgiveness (So in the moment)
Then saying I couldn’t care less (So in the moment)
My darling, don’t get upset (So in the moment)
You know I’m only joking

It’s a long way to yesterday
No matter what I do or say
It keeps getting further away

Well, now, all the things I meant to say
I think I’ll say them anyway
The seasons, the fallen leaves
The curve of time and all it weaves
Now flood through my mind
I want to make you my wife
For the rest of my life

I am so in the moment
So in the moment
So in the moment
So in the moment
So in the moment

Wrestling with our love’s demise, we’re out of the mire (So in the moment)
Making up for lost time, floating dreams of desire (So in the moment)
Got our medications and the bus is for hire (So in the moment)
Say ‘I do’ and say ‘I will’, jump into the fire

Don’t you let me down again

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