Belle And Sebastian – The Evening Star Lyrics

The Evening Star Lyrics – Belle And Sebastian

I hope you don’t mind if I send you a thought
You’re still the special person for me
I know I should reserve that feeling for her
But I have fallen down a well of longing

I’m in a valley deep inside the earth
I’m in a rich vein of learning
I’m stuck still in the depth of the mud
Just God and tree and star for the journey

So listen friend you’ve got my love and respect
Do you believe in the life eternal?
I’ve got a feeling we’ll be talking tonight
Because I knew you when we were so little

I knew you when I was a queer fish
You were the one they all wanted
I showered you with my light from afar
Now everyone is following you
You’re the evening star

So many forces are pushing
How do you stay so calm?
If I could master an hour of your peace
Maybe I would know how to let this go

I messed up on the practical side
I can’t believe all the trouble it caused me
I tried to make up on the spiritual side
My web of prayers and advice implore you

To live happy in the best way you can
To live with or without me
And if I feel like I am wasting my time
I’ll write another letter to sing
To the evening star
Evening star
I’ll write another letter to her
Evening star
I’ll write another letter to her
Evening star
Another letter to her

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