Big K.R.I.T. – Big K.R.I.T. Lyrics

Big K.R.I.T. by Big K.R.I.T.
Released : 2017

My creator gave me the gift to create
And this mind of mine apply to our escape
In an atmosphere that would hold our weight
If I leave from here, I’ll call when I’m safe
Knocking on the door, hoping someone answers
Yeah, I call that faith, this mouth of mine has turned down water for wine
I still recall that taste of bitter-sweet
Like when I realize you’re never be as perfect as the one that invented me
And the world full of temptations will make you feel so incomplete
Grew up to better than me, go farther than I can see
When my days draw to a close, breathe longer than I can breathe
And I’m fine with that
In the event that I decide to move forward what you’ve done, they can rewind it back
And I’m a proud parent now as I was a proud parent then
I saw you grow up to become the kind of king that I knew you’d always been
Indeed, there’s a finish line for me, but for you, there’s no end
So, perhaps, all that work that’s been done was a win
And although, my intentions were for good it still brung us to a sin
But I’ll continue to pay for your mistakes as long as this world continues to spin
As this vessel of mine breaks down, I know you never been
I’m sure Multi is your home
Hard times will come again
Set aside a book of rhymes that’ll pave the way for now and then
I know 4eva is a Mighty Long Time, so where should we begin?
On the southside cuz’ I’m a country bumpkin bumping out the system
Fuck if they don’t listen
We done came a long way from niggas throwing cd’s out the window like I made a frisbee
Better than rapper’s favorite rappers, the most conscious of trappers and I’m Mississippi
Dirty Southern muthafucka kicking like a red bucket white top chilling
Shitting on niggas, my rhyme flows hands high
I’m back, I’ll blindfold mine
Mind and soul connected to the Most High even when times got low
Look how they hate me, but copy me
Possibly, I was the one with components and properties
To be the greatest of all time, but you won geography lottery so
I keep kicking, flipping tables, chosen and favored
Fuck being major when giant is greater
Fortune and fame, but you fuck for the label
Truth is what made me
Settle down settle down, I was angry, but I’m better now
Niggas talking raising bars, mine amongst the stars
Give it time to level out
If you worried about the flow, I’ll make a beat
Write you a hook, then you repeat
Even go as far to drop a mixtape that you re-do
Never credit me, separately sold
Slick as the Giuseppe on slippery flows
[?] bought the buckets that I used to hold while dreaming of plaques and selling out shows
Multi-alumni forever the fold

Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time (Album 2017)
01.  Big K.R.I.T.
02.  Confetti
03.  Big Bank
04.  Subsenstein (My Sub IV)
05.  1999
06.  Ride Wit Me
07.  Get Up 2 Come Down
08.  Layup
09.  Classic Interlude
10.  Aux Cord
11.  Get Away
12.  Justin Scott
13.  Mixed Messages
14.  Keep the devil Off
15.  Miss Georgia Fornia
16.  Everlasting
17.  Higher Calling
18.  Weekend Interlude
19.  Price of Fame
20.  Drinking Sessions
21.  The Light
22.  Bury Me in Gold

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[ Quotable ]
Well I suppose niggas gon’ hate on me
Well that’s cool
I got shows, getting money I can barely fold
Cause that’s what I do
And ain’t nobody gon’ pimp K-R-I-T
Yea, that’s how I feel