Blac Youngsta  – Who Run It Remix” (Lil Uzi Vert Diss) Lyrics

Who Run It Remix” (Lil Uzi Vert Diss) by Blac Youngsta
Feat. Rich The Kid
Released : 2018

Ayy bitch
What’s poppin’? Ha
Rest in peace to my nigga Lord Infamous
You know, I watched that nigga when I was a young nigga coming up and shit
You know, straight gangsta’
Stayin’ right there in South Memphis

Want me to pipe up on you bitches
You must gonna give me some cheese or somethin’
You must gonna do a free magic trick
You must gonna get on your knees or somethin’
If your bitch spend the night and I ain’t fuck
She must’ve been bleeding or somethin’
If you run up on me thinkin’ I ain’t tough
You must want to leave or somethin’
You must don’t think the lil’ niggas I’m runnin’ with
Won’t pull up and squeeze or somethin’
I might fuck around and pull down on a cop
And make him freeze or somethin’
You must don’t think I’ll have them shooters layin’ down right in your leaves or somethin’
You keep playin’ with the gang we gon’ pull down
Chop your trees or somethin’
My bitch mad every time I leave or somethin’
She get a lil’ evil somethin’
And she bad every time I feed her somethin’
She get a lil’ greedy somethin’
I pay taxes every time I spend my money
I’ma need a receipt or somethin’
Y’all must think niggas in the M-town ain’t havin’ them keys or somethin’ (gang gang)
They might feel your block up (bitch)
Memphis we do walk up (brrr)
Playin’ in the M get shot up (hoe)
Ask somebody ’bout us (gang gang)
Homicide who done it? (Who?)
Ask around the city who run it (who?)
Word around the city, you the target (you)
Ask the whole city who gun it (who? Fuck nigga, lil’ bitch)
Them niggas probably be scared or somethin’
If this rap shit didn’t work, I’d prolly be in the feds or somethin’
I know them fuck niggas can’t stand my guts
They want me dead or somethin’
You can get shot in your arm and your leg or somethin’
For goin’ ’round tellin’ somethin’ (brrr)
I’m in the V6
Honda Accord need the heat fix (yuh)
Nigga, I been on that Three 6 (Mafia)
Big Draco I sweep shit (yuh)
You ain’t never been in that water
Come ’round me get sea sick (yuh)
Nigga, I come from the bottom
Went to the top like a G6 (yuh)
And that bitch that was shittin’ on me
Tell that lil’ bitch eat dick (eat)
I done shot niggas broad day
But my seat ain’t see shit (see)
Sellin’ dope in the hallways
Always knew I’ll be rich (ayy)
Teacher told me I won’t be shit (bitch)
I was too busy on the street shit
I been shot, I been shot at (gang)
Extortion fees you can wire that (gang gang)
I got niggas in the penitentiary wit’ a life sentence that’ll fly that (kite)
Where you gonna hide at? (Shoot)
Where you gonna die at? (Woo)
Might as well plan your funeral (bitch)
Where your tie at?
Right there on that sofa where your mama gon’ cry at (wah)
Right there on that stand where my niggas gon’ lie at (lie)
You got bustas runnin’ with you ’cause you allow that
When that smoke detector go off, boy where your fire at? (Fire at)

You don’t run it (what?)
Ayy, pull out the choppa he runnin’ (grra)
Ooh, more smoke than a chimney (woo)
Like pussy nigga, you don’t want it (bitch)
They takin’ yo’ money and split it (split it)
Callin’ your girl she with it (she with it)
I just might fuck on Brittany (Brittany)
Too much internet talk gon’ get me (get me)
You niggas can’t be serious (serious)
I know you a pussy like periods (pussy)
Promoters keep callin’ to book me, I need me a 50 like period (brr)
How much of that check is you gettin’ when Drama he takin’, I’m curious (ha)
You ain’t a boss, ain’t richer than me, you must be delirious (rich)
Make it rain then I leave (I leave)
Bentley truck but you leased it (skrrt)
AP make you seasick
Lil Uzi he’s a big bitch (bitch)
Wrist cost eighteen hunnid
You signed a 360, gettin’ no money
This rap shit funny (ha)
The gang get you for a lil’ bit of nothing

And um, and and and
I’m on whatever a nigga wanna be on, you know (all the smoke)
We won’t, we won’t doin’ all that motherfuckin’ talkin’ (know what I’m sayin’?)
And shit, no talk shit out bitch, hah ooh (bitch ass nigga, hoe ass nigga)
Yea, you know
Tell that shit to God
Ion wanna hear it (my gang up again, nigga)
Who run it?
M-town shit nigga (’round me)
Nah sayin’?
You know, everybody in the M got some stripes, nigga (know what I’m sayin’?)
You know we all gangstas
You know even the bustas will, the bustas will shoot some nigga
You know what I’m sayin’, you would be a straight bitch (know what I’m sayin’?)
Yea my stick gonna hit, you know (you heard that, straight bitch)
But it’s gangsta shit over here where we at nigga
South Memphis, [?] back killin’ [?] (you dig?)
Cash Gang, CMG

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