Blp Kosher – Hanukkahween 2 Lyrics

BLP KOSHER, Hanukkahween 2

I got the choppa in the Honda, and the clip long as a quarter
The boy who in the striped pajamas got revenge and grabbed the torch
She hit the water with a stick, and learnt to rock the paddleboard
Furthermore, I left your kid to try to be at the Sagamore
I’m on the block like a hijink, get to spinning, all these coppers
Glock came with a dick, I send nudes, you’d be astonished
Put these rappers in a yolk, and then I fold them, fuck a omelet (No way Hozay)
Open crib, I kick the door I practice all home economics
Turn ’em frozen, yeah I l let ’em go, Walt Disney Pictures
Pop like I’m boutta bring a new flavor, no chop livid
Sent a threat and took it back, I had to make a lick quiver
Shit can sit, don’t stick around, cause I might be the transmitter

Aye, easy fast, Yom Kippur
Hit the temple, grab [?]
Too much evil round my way, I’m trying not to be a sinner
They say he quick, huh huh, they know I’m quicker
I ain’t no opportunist jit, just man thirsty, Mont liquour
I remember Jew not to crack his nose off with bare hands
He was defending the girl, I rock with him for that, a real mans
I’m getting cheese, Ives Dairy, one two, then pull out the bands
Glock non-binary, blow dudes but look like a man
Pass it to me, I be dunking like it’s Semore
Strings attached, I opened up my eyes now I can see more
I’m not a Christian but I’ll put the Jew in dior
WD40, cause they ain’t slide they’ll need more
They was hating on my music, now they gravitating
Fuck a stint, cause I ain’t needed validation
Bumping Nas, I’m in the car just tryna get to racing (No way Hozay)
I’ll buy some off the house and get the trap deflated

I-I’m at work, clutching pistol, prolly pocket rolling dollas
Sneaking on a [?] I’m jumping out to catch the trolleys
She say I’m a bad dog, I duck her pic fuck the collage
Somethings’ fishy, so it’s heat, I knocked him out his Guy Harvey
I just can’t relax, Gumbo Limbo taste the sap
40 rounds enough to knock a tree down, I keep a axe
Give him time to break it down, and let him think that I was cap
Hannukkahween, whorin’ out so I had to double back
(Yeah, waterr, yeah lil ratatat, huh aye, BLP Kosher run it back, part two in this bit, we want nun of that)