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Category: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert – Ready to Run Lyrics

Ready to Run by Adam Lambert: Ready to Run Song Lyrics: Boots on the ground Had enough of this clown No, I won’t stay ’round Catch a bus, Greyhound No, I’m not […]

Adam Lambert – Loverboy Lyrics

Loverboy by Adam Lambert: Loverboy Song Lyrics: You got the hunger so wild, yeah You gotta hunt for it, hunt for it I’m not your typical game If you play […]

Adam Lambert – Overglow Lyrics

Overglow by Adam Lambert: Overglow Song Lyrics: People talking from every direction Every  hello and every goodbye feels like a cry for attention People,  but there’s no human connection If […]

Adam Lambert – Stranger You Are Lyrics

Stranger You Are by Adam Lambert: Stranger You Are Song Lyrics: Papa told me to stay strong To tighten up my bootstraps Before I get walked on Don’t you give up (Ooh, […]

Adam Lambert – Closer To You Lyrics

Closer To You by Adam Lambert: Closer To You Song Lyrics: So it’s late, I know I missed your call again I’m tryna change, got stuck in my ways again I been feeling […]

Adam Lambert – Superpower Lyrics

Superpower by Adam Lambert there’s something missing and i’m pissed and i’ve got something to say (oh yeah) all of the witches and the demons better get out my way (aye aye) i get […]

Adam Lambert – New Eyes Lyrics

New Eyes by Adam Lambert Rainy nights I’ve know for awhile Getting away from myself again I was alive but empty inside Hole in my heart, I never thought I’d […]

Adam Lambert – Feel Something Lyrics

Feel Something Lyrics by Adam Lambert [Adam Lambert] Wanna feel something Wanna feel something Just wanna feel something Wanna feel something [Adam Lambert] I’ve been leaving my heart in all […]

Adam Lambert – Think Lyrics

Think by Adam Lambert Released : 2017 Think, think Think about what you tryna do to me, yeah Think That your mind gon’ let yourself be free Let’s go back […]