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Category: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert – On the Moon Lyrics

On the Moon By Adam Lambert Been so damn faded lately, don’t know if it’s day or night Ain’t coming back to Earth alone, don’t wanna waste the high We […]

Adam Lambert – Love Dont Lyrics

Love Dont By Adam Lambert Come over, sweet talking in the right ways Come over, day tripping on the night wave I’ll show ya how to fuck with a good […]

Adam Lambert – ROSES Lyrics

Adam Lambert – ROSES Lyrics You’re like a knife ’cause your looks could kill Hold my breath every time we kiss Are you feeling it Like I, like I feel […]

Adam Lambert – Believe Lyrics

Believe By Adam Lambert No matter how hard I try You keep pushin’ me aside And I can’t break through There’s no talkin’ to you It’s so sad that you’re […]

Adam Lambert – Ready to Run Lyrics

Ready to Run by Adam Lambert: Ready to Run Song Lyrics: Boots on the ground Had enough of this clown No, I won’t stay ’round Catch a bus, Greyhound No, I’m not […]

Adam Lambert – Loverboy Lyrics

Loverboy by Adam Lambert: Loverboy Song Lyrics: You got the hunger so wild, yeah You gotta hunt for it, hunt for it I’m not your typical game If you play […]