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Category: AJ Tracey

AJ Tracey – Floss Lyrics

Floss By AJ Tracey We make the wave, we could never get washed We don’t behave we don’t know about cost I hit the shops, pick a drop, and I […]

AJ Tracey – Cat Pack Lyrics

Cat Pack by AJ Tracey: Me, I set pace and I’m active Your girl wants me as a captive Smoking gelato, it’s cat piss If it weren’t bro, then I slapped it West London, […]

AJ Tracey – Doing It Lyrics

Doing It Lyrics AJ Tracey Swifta Production Yo There’s no way you can tell man that I can’t do what I want to (I do what I want) There’s popstars […]

AJ Tracey – Butterflies Lyrics

Butterflies Lyrics by AJ Tracey | Featuring Not3s It sounds like Nyge [AJ Tracey:] Cause I just came to relax one time Baby [?] a young nigga, how you act so fine? […]