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Category: Albums

Latest Studio albums, mixtapes, EPs

Conan Gray – Kid Krow (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Conan Gray Album: Kid Krow Genre: Pop Tracklist: 01. Comfort Crowd 02. Wish You Were Sober 03. Maniac 04. (Online Love) 05. Checkmate 06. The Cut That Always Bleeds […]

G Herbo – PTSD (Album Track’s Lyrics)

Artist: G Herbo Album: PTSD Genre: HipHop/Rap Intro Glass in the Face Gangsta’s Cry In This Bitch Death Row Party in Heaven PTSD By Any Means Gangbangin’ Lawyer Fees Feelings […]

Lil Baby – My Turn (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Lil Baby Album: My Turn Genre: HipHop/Rap Get Ugly Heatin Up How Grace Woah Live Off My Closet Same Thing Emotionally Scarred Commercial Forever Can’t Explain No Sucker Sum […]

Young Nudy – Anyways (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Young Nudy Album: Anyways Genre: HipHop/Rap Understanding No Go Blue Cheese Salad GTA Lyfestyle A Nudy Story Deeper Than Rap Cap Dem That’s Why No Comprende Fuck Me Mean […]