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Category: Amber Mark

Amber Mark - My People Lyrics

Amber Mark – My People Lyrics

My People By Amber Mark My people hold on My people hold on My people hold on My people hold on The time has come in this land When the […]

Amber Mark – 1894 Lyrics

1894 By Amber Mark Try to stand up in our light You could try, but it burns bright It don’t give up on a fight I demand, deserve respect Come […]

Amber Mark – Waiting (Demo) Lyrics

Waiting (Demo) By Amber Mark You’re like forever Time for a vibe Anticipatin’, when you moanin’ in my mind It can’t be measured A feelin’ like I will give up […]

Amber Mark – Generous Lyrics

Amber Mark – Generous Lyrics Tonight I’m feeling generous You’re always catering to me so let me put you first Yeah I got Yeah I got Uh Yeah Generous feelings […]

Amber Mark – What If Lyrics

What If by Amber Mark They say there’s no such thing as coincidence A million people tell me baby what are you the chances That we connected It had to […]

Amber Mark – Mixer Lyrics

Mixer Lyrics by Amber Mark [Amber Mark] Gonna get in your mind, one fine day Gonna figure you out, one fine day Dear Lord, maybe I should stay away, stay […]