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Category: Amber Mark

Amber Mark – 1894 Lyrics

1894 By Amber Mark Try to stand up in our light You could try, but it burns bright It don’t give up on a fight I demand, deserve respect Come […]

Amber Mark – Waiting (Demo) Lyrics

Waiting (Demo) By Amber Mark You’re like forever Time for a vibe Anticipatin’, when you moanin’ in my mind It can’t be measured A feelin’ like I will give up […]

Amber Mark – Generous Lyrics

Amber Mark – Generous Lyrics Tonight I’m feeling generous You’re always catering to me so let me put you first Yeah I got Yeah I got Uh Yeah Generous feelings […]

Amber Mark – What If Lyrics

What If by Amber Mark They say there’s no such thing as coincidence A million people tell me baby what are you the chances That we connected It had to […]

Amber Mark – Mixer Lyrics

Mixer Lyrics by Amber Mark [Amber Mark] Gonna get in your mind, one fine day Gonna figure you out, one fine day Dear Lord, maybe I should stay away, stay […]

Amber Mark – Put You On Lyrics

Put You On by Amber Mark Feat. DRAM Released : 2018 I ain’t seen you in a while Damn girl, it’s been a long time I ain’t seen you in […]