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Category: Anderson .Paak

Oxnard (Album 2018)

01.  The Chase
02.  Headlow
03.  Tints
04.  Who R U?
05.  6 Summers
06.  Saviers Road
07.  Smile / Petty
08.  Mansa Musa
09.  Brother’s Keeper
10.  Anywhere
11.  Trippy
12.  Cheers
13.  Sweet Chick
14.  Left to Right

Anderson .Paak – Twilight Lyrics

Twilight Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] Don’t be ashamed, don’t close the door Oh, trust me, baby, I’ve been there before And I know you think it can’t get […]

Anderson .Paak – Chosen One Lyrics

Chosen One Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] Need me a lil’ baby Who gon’ love me and touch me the right way Need me a lil’ baby Who gon’ […]

Anderson .Paak – Yada Yada Lyrics

Yada Yada Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] Can’t do it Can’t do it Huh, and there it is, my wit’s end They brought me out my mind You know […]

Anderson .Paak – Good Heels Lyrics

Good Heels Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] I don’t mind waitin’ if it don’t take too long I don’t mind stayin’, baby, we drove your car I don’t mind […]