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NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge) – Where I Go Lyrics

Where I Go Lyrics – NxWorries She wanna know where I’ve been And who I seen She wanna know where I’m goin’ And can we meet? She say I’m so

Anderson .Paak – Fire In The Sky Lyrics

Fire In The Sky Lyrics – Anderson .Paak You was cruisin’ with your top down, fourth of July I was movin’ down the block, we got caught at the light

Anderson .Paak – Jewelz Lyrics

Jewelz Lyrics By Anderson .Paak Alright calm down, calm down And with over forty-two of the majority votes It goes to Cheeky Andy You know you kinda cute with the

Anderson .Paak – CUT EM IN Lyrics

CUT EM IN By Anderson .Paak (G. Ry got me) (Hit-Boy on the beat so, bitch, you gotta go berserk) Yeah, yeah, okay, hmm Sometimes you need a friend (Need

Anderson .Paak – Lockdown (feat. JID, Noname & Jay Rock) – Remix Lyrics

Lockdown (feat. JID, Noname & Jay Rock) – Remix By Kali Uchis You should’ve been downtown (Yeah) The people are risin’ (Yeah) We thought it was a lockdown (What? Yeah)

Anderson .Paak – Lockdown Lyrics

Lockdown By Anderson .Paak You should’ve been downtown (Yeah) The people are risin’ (Yeah) We thought it was a lockdown (What?) They opened the fire (Damn) Them bullets was flyin’

Anderson .Paak & Justin Timberlake – Don’t Slack Lyrics

Don’t Slack By Anderson .Paak & Justin Timberlake Mmm (Uh, ooh) Not anyonce can move you this way (No way) Finally got ya loose from the cage (Okay) I ain’t

Anderson .Paak – What Can We Do? Lyrics

What Can We Do? Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak & Nate Dogg] It’s the rap singer, the hook master Real life convict, son of a gambler Heart made of

Anderson .Paak – Twilight Lyrics

Twilight Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] Don’t be ashamed, don’t close the door Oh, trust me, baby, I’ve been there before And I know you think it can’t get

Anderson .Paak – Chosen One Lyrics

Chosen One Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] Need me a lil’ baby Who gon’ love me and touch me the right way Need me a lil’ baby Who gon’

Anderson .Paak – Yada Yada Lyrics

Yada Yada Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] Can’t do it Can’t do it Huh, and there it is, my wit’s end They brought me out my mind You know

Anderson .Paak – Good Heels Lyrics

Good Heels Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] I don’t mind waitin’ if it don’t take too long I don’t mind stayin’, baby, we drove your car I don’t mind

Anderson .Paak – Winners Circle Lyrics

Winners Circle Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Sonny LoSpecchio & Calogera Anello] You’re only allowed three great women in your lifetime They come along like the great fighters, once every ten

Anderson .Paak – Reachin’ 2 Much Lyrics

Reachin’ 2 Much Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] Huh, I see you reachin’, baby, what are you reachin’ for? That don’t look easy, baby, that must be so hard

Anderson .Paak – Come Home Lyrics

Come Home Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak] Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ah-ah Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ah-ah, ah-ah Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ah-ah Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ah-ah, ah-ah [Anderson .Paak] Darlin’, I have to be moved

Anderson .Paak – Jet Black Lyrics

Jet Black Lyrics by Anderson .Paak (feat. Brandy) [Anderson .Paak] She was a fan, but her friend didn’t care I like the ones who buy they own damn beers If

Anderson .Paak – Make It Better Lyrics

Make It Better Lyrics by Anderson .Paak (feat. Smokey Robinson) How do you mend when you’re worlds apart? Ooh, carry on Ooh, from the start Somehow, we fell in love,

Anderson .Paak – King James Lyrics

We’ve been through it all, though it could be worse We’ve been moved around in a state of alert There’s nothing new or sharp about the cutting edge If they

Anderson .Paak – Left to Right Lyrics

Left to Right Lyrics by Anderson .Paak Yeah, them label me a criminal Like me some type of animal They wan’ call me cannibal (True) Celebratin’ like it’s carnival (Yeah)

Anderson .Paak – Sweet Chick Lyrics

Sweet Chick Lyrics by Anderson .Paak Oooh, yeah Oooh, yeah Spotlight that’s just my life and time Okay, I got me a sweet bitch So I’m headed to N.Y. just