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Category: Anderson .Paak

Oxnard (Album 2018)

01.  The Chase
02.  Headlow
03.  Tints
04.  Who R U?
05.  6 Summers
06.  Saviers Road
07.  Smile / Petty
08.  Mansa Musa
09.  Brother’s Keeper
10.  Anywhere
11.  Trippy
12.  Cheers
13.  Sweet Chick
14.  Left to Right

Anderson .Paak – Make It Better Lyrics

Make It Better Lyrics by Anderson .Paak (feat. Smokey Robinson) How do you mend when you’re worlds apart? Ooh, carry on Ooh, from the start Somehow, we fell in love, […]

Anderson .Paak – King James Lyrics

We’ve been through it all, though it could be worse We’ve been moved around in a state of alert There’s nothing new or sharp about the cutting edge If they […]

Anderson .Paak – Left to Right Lyrics

Left to Right Lyrics by Anderson .Paak Yeah, them label me a criminal Like me some type of animal They wan’ call me cannibal (True) Celebratin’ like it’s carnival (Yeah) […]

Anderson .Paak – Sweet Chick Lyrics

Sweet Chick Lyrics by Anderson .Paak Oooh, yeah Oooh, yeah Spotlight that’s just my life and time Okay, I got me a sweet bitch So I’m headed to N.Y. just […]

Anderson .Paak – Cheers Lyrics

Cheers Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak:] Yeah, uh huh Yeah I’m workin’ on a world premiere And I could see the world from here They ask where I’m going […]

Anderson .Paak – Trippy Lyrics

Trippy Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Rodney Dangerfield:] Ah, that’s right, doll But everyone wants love Love, is the answer, Johnny Everyone is lookin’ for love, deep love A lifetime of […]

Anderson .Paak – Anywhere Lyrics

Anywhere Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Snoop Dogg:] Let me get that intro Blunts, gators Hand me my mink On the East duckin’ Feds from a peephole 1989, gangbangin’ was at […]

Anderson .Paak – Mansa Musa Lyrics

Mansa Musa Lyrics by Anderson .Paak [Anderson .Paak:] Back on my bullshit I got some money to blow, I’m lookin’ good, bitch Even though I’s the king, I stay hood […]

Anderson .Paak – 6 Summers Lyrics

6 Summers Lyrics by Anderson .Paak Wait a minute! Trump’s got a love child and I hope that bitch is buckwild I hope she sip Mosca-, I hope she kiss […]

Anderson .Paak - Headlow Lyrics

Anderson .Paak – Headlow Lyrics

Headlow Lyrics by Anderson .Paak This lady is giving head On i95, at the turn I ever tell you ’bout the time I, drivin’ down the I-9? Lady in the […]