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Category: Aries

Album: WELCOME HOME (2019)

Aries – DEITY Lyrics

DEITY Lyrics by Aries [Aries] Stay up, shake me out Take your time, I’ll wait it out Player, player All these ghosts don’t phase me now Make 80 thou, no […]

Aries – BAD NEWS Lyrics

BAD NEWS Lyrics by Aries [Aries] Blacked out high the other night, last Maybe, come around for a minute, shit, I like that I could never catch, taking aim, might’ve […]

Aries - Santa Monica Lyrics

Aries – Santa Monica Lyrics

Santa Monica Lyrics by Aries [Aries] I’m homesick I’m homesick [Aries] You remedy, hard to settle I climb your canopy, to make it rain from time to time Tell me […]

Aries – Racecar Lyrics

Oh yeah, oh yeah She said I hate my day job, I don’t feel it I need racecar, top down to match my ceiling I don’t have none (have none), […]

Aries – SAYONARA Lyrics

SAYONARA by Aries Released : 2018 ‘Bout time, I’m calling We fall, rock bottom Been the same Not enough, pour it up Move to the side Runner-up, fuck around Never […]

Aries – Carousel Lyrics

Carousel by Aries Released : 2018 That is all… You know? It’s a routine with some of these, man Little girl, bring fire from her world I’m trying, I’m lost, […]