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Category: Aries

Album: WELCOME HOME (2019)



CONVERSATIONS Lyrics – Aries All our ties stay severed That was when we were young She’s in love And he’s a tough guy that leads you on And what I […]

Aries - FOOL'S GOLD Lyrics

Aries – FOOL’S GOLD Lyrics

FOOL’S GOLD Lyrics – Aries Your love struck gold You and I gotta hand this over Get up, lets go Throw it back, pop it like some soda (Vice) Yeah […]

Aries – HOME Lyrics

HOME Lyrics by Aries [Aries] I’m home tonight, been waiting up One thousand miles, of chasing you I’m home tonight, been waiting up [Aries] All the fallacy, my mentality fucked […]

Aries – PONY Lyrics

PONY Lyrics by Aries [Aries] I feel, wake up, wake up [Aries] Take your pick, faces that I have seen again Don’t flinch, bring me the bottle, is she dead? […]

Aries – AMY’S GRAVE Lyrics

AMY’S GRAVE Lyrics by Aries [Aries] Deep, oh, come find, cut deep, oh Why should I care Gone, gone, gone [Aries] Never knew calm, I can’t help 180, I’ll turn […]