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Category: Asher Angel

Asher Angel - Intro Lyrics

Asher Angel – Intro Lyrics

Intro By Asher Angel Hey everyone, is Asher Angel I’ve been thinkin’ a lot lately And I really wanted to do something fun ‘Cause I know lockdown has been extremely […]

Asher Angel - Livin’ It Up Lyric

Asher Angel – Livin’ It Up Lyric

Livin’ It Up By Asher Angel I asked how far away are you, I got no reply Something came up and I understand why Ain’t like it’s never happened, it […]

Asher Angel – One Thought Away Lyrics

One Thought Away Lyrics by Asher Angel [Wiz Khalifa] Ooh Right now sound Hitmaka! [Asher Angel] It was like in the other night I was dreaming And though you wasn’t […]