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Category: Audrey MiKa

Audrey Mika – 4721 Lyrics

4721 By Audrey Mika Now it’s time to meet the bitter end ’cause I don’t want to do this all again I feel it deeper in my hopelessness Looking for […]

Audrey Mika – P.S. Lyrics

P.S. By Audrey Mika Caught in a landslide Taking me under before you can reach me I had a feeling things wouldn’t go as they should Missing the big things […]

Audrey Mika – Pan!c Lyrics

Audrey Mika – Pan!c Lyrics Breaking down I’m shutting off by myself On my worst behavior wishing it’s bound to stop Im so over it, but im back to the […]

Audrey Mika – Fake Heartbreak Lyrics

Fake Heartbreak By Audrey Mika Lyrics I always dreamed about falling in love The movies they made it so beautiful I thought i’d find all the answers in us So thank you for […]